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The Best Online Sex Toys in Malaysia

When shopping for sex toys in Malaysia, it is totally reasonable and understandable if you get a little overwhelmed.

After all, there are so many different types out there in the market, and especially for first-timers, you might have to go through some trial and errors before finding the perfect one that suits your needs.

From butt plugs to bullets, to clit toys, to internal toys, to wands and rabbits – we know, it’s a lot to take in. Not to mention other differences such as brands, price, sizes, materials, and more that makes choosing sex toys more difficult than ever.

For beginners, here is a question to ask yourself: What are you looking for in a toy or what matters most to you when it comes to pleasure and orgasm? Once you have an answer to that question, it makes everything easier.

Also, we suggest that you get a bottle of lube to enhance your sex toy experience and take it to the next level.

While there are many types of lubes out there, we recommend water-based lubes as they are safe for most sex toys usage.

1. Durex AV Vibrator Multi-Speed Clitoral G-Spot Stimulation DRV002

This G-Spot Vibrator offers the user an enriching and wonderful experience with its multi-speed function and anti-allergy PU Material. For those of you who don’t like noisy vibrators, you can enjoy this vibrator peacefully with its less than 60dBs low noise feature. This product is 17 cm in length and 3.3cm in diameter.

2. Durex Egg Vibrator 5-Modes USB-Charge DRS002

The Durex Egg Vibrator is a mini clitoral vibrator that is ultra-quiet and waterproof to give you peace of mind and the ultimate vibrator experience. This product is also USB rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about finding those triple-A batteries to fit in because now everything can be done without batteries.

3. Durex Cock Ring Elasticity Delay & Lasting DRO004

The Durex Cock Ring Elasticity is designed to be long-lasting and hard, which is made out of soft silicone. It is recommended to be used for 30 minutes each, and it can be used for over 6 times. The outer diameter is 41.5mm, and inner diameter is 15.5mm

4. Durex AV Vibrator 8-Modes with Booster G-Spot Stimulation DRICE02

This 2019 new Durex AV Vibrator has incorporated a slimmer and ice-cream design which is better and more powerful. The product is also 90 degrees bendable while offering 8 different modes with a bonus booster. It is low-noise, at less than 60dBA, waterproof, and made out of food-grade silical material.

5. PleaseMe Suction Bottom Manually Realistic Dildo PL001

The PleaseMe Suction Bottom offers an authentic experience with its super real feel skin. This product is bendable and made out of Thermoplastic Elastomers, which makes it easy to clean. There are 6 sizes available, which are suitable for beginners all the way to the experts.

Final Words on the Best Adult Toys in Malaysia

To end off, we would like to remind everyone to remember practice good sex toy hygiene. You can wash your toys with plain old soap and water, but if you want to go the extra mile and make sure it is squeaky clean, there are always specific sex toys cleaner available in the market.

Sex Toys Malaysia: Maximize Your Sex Experience

If your sex life has started to feel a bit “meh”, or maybe you can’t reach climax, rest assured that you are not the only one feeling this way. According to the FDA, 43% of females nowadays have some type of sexual problem and it surpasses that of men (31%).

In some cases, there is a physical or mental culprit. But if you are feeling sate or if sex has gone downhill in your relationship, sex toys in Malaysia are a great way to spice up your sexual life and reach climax. In a fresh survey held by Harris Poll, 71% of women aged 18-34 confirmed that using sex toys has increase sexual intimacy. And the greatest thing is that today, sex toys, or known as adult toys are literally state-of-the-art and easily accessible.

If you’re new to sex toys, here are a number of categories we’ll recommend:

We know that nearly everyone is fond of sex but to social taboos many feel uncomfortable and embarrassed when shopping for adult products in a public store. SexyWawa.com is a legit online store that caters to buyers who like to shop adult novelties online and in full privacy.

We’ve witnessed an obvious shift in consumer attitude where there is an acknowledgement that a woman’s satisfaction is important. Sex toys in Malaysia can, therefore, play a significant role in enhancing a woman’s ability to fully pleasure themselves sexually. So whether this is your first time or you are an avid sexual explorer, there is something just for you.

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