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Durex has over 80 years of experience in manufacturing condoms. So it’s safe to say that every single one is the product of a process that’s tried and tested. That starts with the bare basics. All our condoms use only the finest quality raw materials. Each is tested electronically, with samples from every batch also inflated with air to test their strength. That’s why millions of people across the world trust Durex every day. You can shop the widest range of Malaysia Durex products online at SexyWawa, or read our Durex products guide here.

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Experience better sex with Durex products

When it comes to having a good time, we have many ways to tackle that desire. Many of the best ways to have fun, though, revolve around having fun with other people – and what better fun can be had than through sex?

However, as we all know, it’s important to practice safe practices when engaging in intercourse. For that reason, many people today choose to turn to safe sex products produced by major brands. One of the most popular brands in the world for sexual protection is Durex. If you are looking for a way to add more spark into your sex life, Malaysian men might find that Durex products offer them all the help and support they need.

By providing you with the chance to have long-lasting fun and satisfaction in the bedroom, you’ll be able to enjoy a more thorough, thoughtful sexual experience. Durex helps to make sex more fun, more satisfying, and safer for all parties taking part. Why not make playtime a bit more satisfying for you both?

With the help of the various Durex products that we have, you should have no problem picking out anything from lubes, small-sized sex toys, and condom products for the most satisfying sexual experience possible. Such products can go a long way to making a sexual experience even more engaging than before, helping you to add an extra layer of enjoyment all the while knowing you are being 100% safe during intercourse.

Durex: A century of safe sex

Durex is one of the most recognized brands in the world when it comes to sexual protection and sexual toys. They are primarily a brand for condoms but have produced many products across their wide-reaching range of brands. The condom brand has become famous across the world for their variety, their options, and their quality of product.

Indeed, the company stretches back as far as 1915, when it was formed as the London Rubber Company. The company was developed over the coming 14 years, and in 1929 was officially given the Durex name as it stood for three things: Durability, Reliability, and Excellence. Their range of condoms have been produced in the UK as well as in China, Thailand, and India. They have become one of the most common and regularly used condom brands in the world, holding court as the most recognizable name for those who are looking for safe sex products in Malaysia.

The Durex condom series recommended for Malaysians

If you are on the lookout for a series of condom brands in Malaysia that you can try out and trust, start here. With the help of Durex Malaysia, you have many brands to pick from – each brand offering you an extra sense of comfort and confidence when you engage in sexual interaction.

The brand of Durex is well-respected, but which of the various series of condoms should you consider trying out? What are the most popular series recommended for Malaysian buyers?

1. Durex Love

Arguably the most popular range of Durex condoms in Malaysia, Durex Love provides you with a lubricated, satisfying condom. It will ensure that you can have a far more satisfying sexual experience. The extra lubrication allows for simpler slip-on, meaning that you can get started quicker and enjoy your experience as intended.

They are great for improving the sexual intensity of the experience without removing any of the sensitivity and enjoyment that you might have been searching for.

2. Durex B Close

A popular choice for many reasons, Durex B Close is a very good choice for those who want an all-purpose starting point. The unique shape of these condoms makes them interesting for those who are sick of messing around with a condom that won’t slip on in a few short seconds.

If you are looking for condoms that are as easy to wear as they are to use, then this is a brand that you will definitely find worth your time.

3. Durex Extra Safety

Of course, some of us just want that extra protection and guarantee that no surprises will come from our wild night of passion. With Durex Extra Safety, you are buying arguably the most secure condoms in all of the industry.

These are known for their extra thickness and have been tested to be 100% break-proof. This should allow you to enjoy the experience without having any lingering doubts about the quality of the condom.

4. Durex Together

Another great choice for many Malaysians, these have become one of the most popular ranges for those who want a more lubricated, satisfying experience. These are great for that more intimate experience that allows you both to enjoy a satisfying, enjoying sexual experience without any of the stress you might have with other condoms.

A useful, all-purpose style that makes sure that both participants are going to enjoy a deeply satisfying and engaging experience together. With Durex Together, you get to enjoy something that feels totally different to what you might have been expecting moving forward.

5. Durex Comfort

What if you are simply looking for a condom that you can wear with the guarantee of added comfort? This would make a very wise investment indeed. Durex Comfort wins out if you are looking for a condom that is going to feel extremely easy to get on and off, whilst the design has been manipulated to ensure that you have maximum comfort and room inside of the condom; there is no ‘too large’ when it comes to using Durex Comfort.

6. Durex Close Fit

The Durex Close Fit range is one of their most popular ranges by far. It is designed to give you the best possible sensation during sex, producing a skin-tight experience that allows for a rich, intense sensation during the experience.

If you like that feeling of extra pressure during intercourse, then Durex Close Fit is sure to be a smart choice for you to think about investing in. Definitely a popular choice for many Malaysian condom buyers.

7. Durex Invisible

The Durable Invisible ranges (Extra Thin and Extra Lubricated) offer another specialist solution that you might find suits your needs perfectly. They are some of the thinnest condoms on the market today, making them excellent if you feel a condom to be too restrictive and thick otherwise.

This also allows you to enjoy added sensitivity, with the extra lubricated editions ensure that you can enjoy a softer, more natural sexual experience that is enjoyable for all.

8. Durex FeatherLite

Another popular brand of Durex condoms in Malaysia is the Durex FeatherLite options. These are thin, minimalist options that should give you the extra comfort and protection that you would have hoped for. They are also deeply pleasurable for both parties, with the interesting texture ensuring that both parties can have lots of fun together whilst enjoying the rich and lasting satisfaction that these Durex condoms provide you with.

The warming gel used on the warming editions helps to make sure that you can enjoy that added heat and temperature to really help spice things up!

9. Durex Sensations

Popular for the fact they have such a unique feeling, Durex Sensations tend to win the day for a lot of people. They are great for making the sexual experience a whole lot more intense for both parties involved. These will ensure that you both get to enjoy a much more satisfying experience, with the intensity of the feeling delivered by the material ensuring that both partners get to really let loose here.

10. Durex PleasureMax

One of the interesting choices for many Malaysians buying condoms is the Durex PleasureMax range. These are very popular as they come with a dotted and/or ribbed finish, helping to add a texture that will send the recipient wild. It helps to give both parties the chance they need to enjoy a very emotive, enjoyable sexual experience that will send both of you aiming for the roof with pleasure!

11. Durex RealFeel

Lastly, a popular brand for many people today would be the Durex RealFeel brand. These are easily some of the most popular Durex condoms in Malaysia as they tend to give an authentic feeling sensation during the fun. The soft and thin nature of the condom ensures that it can fit great for any male putting one on.

Meanwhile, the comfort and the satisfaction that is provided by using a non-latex product ensures that this will provide a greater sense of stretch – very useful for those who need a bit of extra room!

Other Durex products

Alongside a raft of excellent condom brands, there are many other products produced by Durex that might capture your attention. From their lubricants to their smaller sized sex toys, you will get access to all manner of interesting Durex products if you simply browse through their range of toys, tools, and aides.

Sex is supposed to be fun, and Malaysians can find that the wide-ranging product selection by Durex ensures that you are never short on options when it comes to selecting the kind of products that allow you to have the maximum fun for the minimum price. So, what will you use to spice things up in the bedroom?

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