According to the CDC, when used consistently and correctly, latex condoms are "highly effective" in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV and many other STDs. Condoms are also 98 percent effective in preventing pregnancy when used correctly, every time.

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How the Latest Malaysia Condom Can Maximize Your Sex Life?

Sex is one of the most common requirement among couples fuelled with love, emotions, excitement, anxiety and a flush of sexually driven hormones across the body.

Planning for a straight sex with condom does not have to be boring, rather it brings a plenty of varieties during the intercourse and it is much safer too to avoid transmitted diseases. To enhance the hot steamy moments of your life check out the latest Malaysia condoms to rekindle the passion to fulfil your sex life.

Flavours spice up your excitement- Condoms flavoured with different tastes improves the performance of oral sex. The coating flavours differ from chocolate, vanilla, strawberry to cola and many more exciting choice.

Non flavoured condoms are not always appealing to your partner if she becomes conscious about the taste or smell of your genital. It also turns on the mood of your partner and derives excess pleasure while satisfying orally.

Vibrators are interesting- Malaysia condoms manufacturer have introduced vibrating condoms which will surprisingly add more activity in the bedroom with this entirely new feature.

The condoms are typically made a ring that produces the vibration effect for at least 20 minutes during your intercourse. It gives a more pleasure driven and sensational experience to the couples.

The unique G-spot stimulator- The G-spot is the area of the female body which get sexually aroused when touched. To double up the excitement between sheets, the G-spot condoms should be the one you are searching for.

They are made with different structure by the sides that trigger the vaginal walls generating more lubrication and sexual arousal.

Go for finger condoms- "Safe sex" is always the basic concept during any erotic act. Fingers play an important role for inducing female orgasms as they get involved in vaginal penetration.

Now with more innovations, the finger condoms are introduced with natural latex which just needs to be wrapped in your finger and see your women reach her height of excitement.

Glow in the dark- This is as exciting as it sounds. If you in the mood for fun and enjoyment behind the closed doors, the glow in the dark condom might be the option you want to wear.

The luminescent lights will make your sticks glow in the dark and leave your partner enjoy a fun derived sex.

Super thin condoms are the best- As the name suggests, these condoms are ultra-thin or rather invisible, which is primarily made for those who feels condom kills satisfaction.

The extreme thin condoms from gives the skin-like pleasure and you won't even get the feeling that you are wearing any protective layer over your genitals.

You Need to Know About Condom (Kondom) in Malaysia

Condoms are here in Malaysia since many years.

First it was designed and made to stop unexpected and unplanned pregnancy.

Government has promoted the usage of condom (in Malay "kondom") to control the child birth and population.

But today, condom is a gadget which is used more than just a ways to stop child birth.

Today, condom is more used to protect yourself from STDs, AIDS and HIV positive virus where many people are using condom to get more pleasure during the sex.

Yes, due to new designs of condoms, now you can get more pleasure while having sex with your partner.

The new designs of condoms are designs to enhance the sex experience of both partner at a time. To know more about condom and why you should use condom, refer my following points.

Fight against sexually transmitted diseases (STD):

STD could be transfer from male to female or female to male, while most of STD can be treated but there are few which are still does not have any treatment which includes HIV virus, herpes and hepatitis C.

Wearing condom while having sex could prevent you all of these diseases which can be only transfer through sex.

You probably would not like to risk your life just to get pleasure of few minutes, so wear condom and have the same feeling of pleasure.

Condom protects you from unexpected pregnancy:

At the first, condom (kondom) was actually designed and manufactures to avoid unexpected pregnancy.

Every sex session does not made you pregnant until man's sperm has the required amount of semen but still there are always chances to get pregnant through unprotected sex because you cannot predict the amount of semen coming from the penis of man.

So, wear condom to avoid unexpected pregnancy.

Condoms are cheap and easy to purchase:

Do you know it cost thousands to stop pregnancy and get treatment of STD's once you get due to unprotected sex where on other hand, purchasing a condom is extremely cheap.

A condom cost less than the price of candy where they are available easily anywhere from your department store to online stores.

Condoms has no side effects to use:

Condom (kondom) is one of those things in this word which comes up with zero and no side effects.

They are made from the medical approved material and allow to use for intercourse.

If you compare it with any other second method of birth control like pills and sprays then you will found condom a miracle because those other things required to spend money while they have some serious side effects in term of health.

Condoms give you same sensation and pleasure:

Many people who has not wear the condom yet believe that you will get the less pleasure and sensation during the sex when you are wearing condom where this is not true.

You get the same pleasure with condom in Malaysia. Even in market there are different types of condoms available to enhance the sex pleasure.

They have added more friction in the condom design to give pleasure to both sex partner.