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The Best Top 5 Sexy Lingeries in Malaysia

Owning a set of sexy yet comfortable lingerie is the dream goal of every woman. But with so many brands offering different fits and designs, which ones should you go for? In this article, we present to you the best top 5 sexy lingeries you should be eyeing for in Malaysia.

1. Plus Size V-Neck Sexy Babydoll PBD001

This V-Neck Sexy Babydoll dress comes in a wide variety of colours: baby blue, white, black, red, and hot pink. This piece of lingerie is at mid-thigh level, which means you will be showing off to your partner those long beautiful legs. The material is soft and comfortable, so you can feel sexy while being comfortable. Having one of those days when you would rather stay covered up? Put this babydoll one, and no one ever needs to know you chose it to keep your tummy hidden.

2. Slips Lace Sexy Babydoll With Panties BD060

The Slips Lace Sexy Babydoll With Panties comes in two colours: white and black. This is a deep V Plunge Front, Low Cut Back featuring a Scallop Detail. The best thing about this is that it is a one size fits all ( fitting comfortably for size S to L) Just because you decided to stay in on a Friday night doesn't mean you can't get decked out. Put on this sexy babydoll, possibly with a pair of heels, and have more fun than you possibly could when you are out in town.

3. Sexy Teddy with Pyjamas PJ001+TD011 (2PCS)

The Sexy Teddy with Pyjamas is made out of silk material, and it offers 3 different types of wearing: Teddy Only, Robe Only or Teddy and Robe. This sexy and comfortable piece is a one size fits all which fits from size S to XL. Choose from 4 colours, namely black, pink, white, and purple.

4. Sexy Lace Bikini Top Bra with Garter & Stocking BK018

This naughty underthing will look smoking hot on you or your bedroom floor. This is a lace material piece with four colours to choose from: back, white, red and pink. This is a one size fits all type of piece ( size S to XL) With every purchase, the set comes with a bra, panties, garter belt and fishnet stocking. Sure, the extra add-ons like the garter belt and fishnet stocking mean it will take your someone longer to get to the main event. But why not make that someone work a little harder?

5. Sexy Low Waist Open Crotch Panties OC019

This is lace material which is soft and breathable. This is one size fits most (size S to Xl) Choose from a wide variety of colours: black, white pink, blue, purple, red, rose, watermelon red, and wine red. This low waist open crotch panties are specially designed to be highly adjustable and wearing it makes you irresistible. If that is already not enough, the lace is also see-through, which will make your partner want you more on your sexy night.

Final Words on the Best sexy lingeries in Malaysia

Well, it is up to you if you want to spend a little extra to invest in these heavenly-made sexy lingeries. For the ultimate experience, try following the steps below, and you will be amazed at the outcome.

  • Step 1: Slip into one of the above mentioned sexy little things.
  • Step 2: Watch your partner's jaw unhinged.
  • Step 3: Well, you know, the rest is history.


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Most women already know that sexy lingerie is a staple in the female wardrobe, along with shoes and socks. There is no way to feel sexier than wearing it alone or under clothing. Single, married, or dating; it doesn't matter to the savvy woman. She already knows that to feel like a sexy kitten, nothing beats slipping into a sexy piece of lingerie.

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Good lingeries shops will have everything you need to fill any need. Feel like teasing your significant other? Try see-through lingerie or garter belts. If you haven't tried lingerie to drive your partner crazy, release your inner seductress and buy some. You won't be sorry.

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