TENGA Co., Ltd. designs, produces and sells safe, functional and hygienic pleasure products with the mindset of responsibly spreading correct knowledge of "sex and disease" through information and prevention awareness. TENGA has also been showing promise in the medical field. One such use of the TENGA brand is with Ejaculation Disorder. Of all sexual disorders, Ejaculation Disorder (the inability to ejaculate within a vagina) is next in line after Erectile Dysfunction. A likely cause of this disorder is the long-term practice of incorrect methods of masturbation - methods such as the "Push Method" (the act of rubbing or squeezing against other objects such as sheets or walls) or too strong a grip during manual stimulation.

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How Tenga Brings Sex Pleasure to the Next Level for the Malaysians

In the last decade, sex toys and self-pleasing equipment have gained a massive popularity.

But when it comes to these sensitive products, it is always safer to use standard and well-reviewed items instead of lower quality ones.

In Malaysia, Tenga has been the single standalone brand of sex toys and have gained the trust of their customers for their unique and flexible products taking the sex pleasure to the next level.

The primary concern of a buyer while purchasing a sex toy resides with the experience it brings. Tenga assures the customers to provide them nothing less than a joyride with their extensive range of super fun and easy to use products.

Choosing Your Sex toy

Many of us aren't aware that choosing their toy might just be the hardest thing to do. The pleasure quotient solely depends upon your choice, while a good choice will get you glued to the equipment a bad one might even lead to physical displeasure.

Tenga brings forth a wide range of accessories and gives the customers a versatility.

Cup Series: Tenga's Cup Series offers different varieties from Red Tenga, Black and Blue Tenga.

Moreover, it comes in ultra sizes as well as short sizes. The cups are indeed a unique blend of pleasure, malleability and multiple insertion options.

Also, Tenga gives you special Air-tech series which are reusable cup-style items with stronger suction.

Egg Series: For men, Tenga offers you 13 different kinds of eggs to choose from and suit to the best of your needs. These super stretchable products are available for all kinds of men.

Lubricants: Lubricants are often handy whether you are having a solo time or enjoying intercourse with your partner. Tenga brings you some of the best choices to elevate the experience.

Vibrators: For those with a sensitive clitoris, Tenga makes sure your desires are satisfied. The vibrators come in different shapes and sizes ensuring you enjoy every last moment of the usage.

Condoms: Need something fun the next time you have sex? Tenga's condoms will bring you more pleasure.

These condoms come packaged with fun designs best for couple experiences. Apart from offering protection, it also adds a hint of freshness for couple pleasure.

Other Products: You can also browse amongst the quirky Tenga 3D series, the flip series for male pleasure, optional products and other accessories.

What makes Tenga the epitome of sex pleasure?

The one thing that makes Tenga stand out from the crowd and be one of the favorite brands is the design and functionality of the brand.

Design: Instead of offering erotic designs and advertisements, Tenga tends to focus primarily on the structural designs for stimulation and ultimate pleasure during intercourse.

The products coupled with its packaging and services exceed the expectations of the customers and provide the best consumer satisfaction. Tenga has changed the definition of sex toys, from being relevant to erotic desires to a common household object.

Fitting Room: As a first-time buyer, many of us are unsure as which size or product will fit us best. Tenga introduces the fitting room, a digital platform part of their website where you can provide your details and look for the best-suited product and size of the product for your needs.

ShakeShake App: For mobile fanatics, now get hold of the ShakeShake app from Tenga and cruise through the collection of accessories with just a click of your phone.

To being Sex Toys and More

Tenga is not just a brand that offers more value to intercourse.

Over the years, Tenga has come up with products that have benefitted the clinical purposes. Two independent groups in Japan have used Tenga products for clinical purpose and even Malaysian experts have been enthused to attempt the same.

But Tenga is not just a company that takes, but also one that gives. Tenga has sponsored athletes and encouraged co-curricular activities outside the arena of sex pleasures.


A brand is not built in a day.

Years of labor with consistent product service and regular customer care, help to grow a brand name, a franchise that people support and believe in.

Despite the controversies regarding these products, Malaysians have accepted Tenga for the authenticity and sensible marketing of the products. Tenga doesn't lure people but gives them exactly what they want without the hidden secrets.

Indeed, Tenga is the most trusted and best brand when it comes to sex products and they bring the pleasure to the next level.